Foster Care

We believe that only by stepping into a child’s everyday life can we understand the root causes of behaviors and prescribe the right treatment. Treatment begins with a Comprehensive Evaluation designed to access level of risk and optimal intervention strategies.

Our Foster Parents are both role models and caregivers. With the comprehensive training and support provided by SafeGuards, our families help teens:

  • Learn healthy boundaries
  • Handle their feelings appropriately
  • Develop safe relationships with others
  • Succeed in school
  • Become responsible members of a family and their community

Every SafeGuard’s family is different, but they all have at least these 3 things in common; they are caring, they are patient, and the want to make a profound impact in the life of a child or youth.

If you are interested in becoming a Safeguard’s Foster Parent, please click here.

Supported Independent Living Program

Developed to assist youth aging out of foster care in making a successful transition to living on their own, the program is comprised of two services: Life Skills and Supportive Housing.

It is our belief that youth learn responsibility and become more independent through having opportunities to make choices about their lives and experiencing logical and natural consequences for their decisions. This type of learning is provided in an environment that is highly structured and provides guidance, feedback, and supportive services. The intensive program is designed to facilitate the transitioning youth’s successful integration into the community.

Kinship Care

Kinship Care is intended to serve youth who may have been in the SafeGuards program as traditional program participants, and then a kin resource is identified. The kin resource may qualify as an approved caregiver through the SafeGuards Program and will benefit from the program therapeutic services for the family and child. Kinship Families are responsible for the same activities as the other Foster Parents contracted by the program, but the goal of residing with family is achieved.

PACTT Program

SafeGuards is determined to provide educational services that develop employability skills and prepare youth for sustainable careers. SafeGuards is a proud member of the PACTT Alliance which offers at risk youth support and resources for education, to ensure reduced recidivism and positive outcomes, as well as promote success and achievements in their work, schools and community. SafeGuards offers hands-on classroom activities relating to Career Assessment, Ready for Work Skills Training and Life Skills Training. Youth are also afforded opportunities to earn Certificates in OSHA, ServSafe, MOS DOS and First Aid / CPR. SafeGuards can provide all PACTT programming in a virtual platform through use of high-quality educational resources such as Aztec Software Company.

Consultation & Education Services

SafeGuards Foster Care is available to your family, group or institution to provide consultation and seminars on sexual abuse, foster care and related issues, as well as developing or improving parent education and resource parent training programs.

  • Speakers Bureau on Sexually Reactive Youth Treatment
  • Staff Training
  • Treatment Consulting